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  • Ex Banker, Crude Oil Company Executive, Robber and Crook, Now looking for International like minded professionals To Joint "Vulture" 6.9 Billion Dollars of innocent Tax payers money, Extorted from various Morally corrupt but Gov Neutral schemes. All schemes considered including; funding revoluti [...]
  • Lucy

  • I'd like to introduce the Love of my life, Lucy! She's adorable. Lucy's has lots of admirable, unparalleled qualities and a solid character. Beautiful eyes. Lucy is loyal, faithful, caring, loving and best of all , she'd patient and the ultimate listener with a pure heart. Always in a [...]
  • Kiss Me

  • She pulled up like thunder.... Kicked the door open and said.... At last....Hop in....!! Is this another Tequila ride? Hell no, she said, Just a cruise, you've been away for too long.... The Last time we went for a cruise, we both woke up in a hospital, I said!! She leant forward a [...]
  • Money, is never the price

  • I once did him a favour which he never ever forgot... So we became indebted to one another. He came to see me a while back on W 44th St. It was freezing. Cohiba as usual and we talked some details.... We always think of you he said.... And as usual he ended by saying: If it's straight in your he [...]