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“Street Photography” once upon a time!

Many decades ago, (in fact not so long ago) when I was around 14 years old, and had no idea about the existence of “Street Photography” I asked my father for a camera. A few days later, he gave me a Lubitel! a Russian 6×6 120mm medium format camera! With a Grunt, I said: What is this? I wanted a trendy SLR! he said: When you’ve learnt how to take a descent picture WITH THIS, then, you can ask for a different camera! those were the days that LEARNING was from the diagrams inside the film boxes. Anyone remember them? the sun shining F8 @ 125, The sun peeping from behind the cloud, F5.6 @ 60 and so on.

So, I learnt how to load it with Black and While 120 film rolls and just headed onto the streets. The streets were the only places that I could think of photographing. Never thought about anything else! I had no agenda and would go out and with a beginners mind and a Zen like attitude ( Zen: a “Street Photography” analogy that I first used about 8 years ago and now also used by other photographers and & “Street-Photography” blogs about which I am delighted though they give no credit!)

I had no idea that a genre by the name of “Street Photography” existed. I had no idea who was who. Cartier-Bresson? Walker Evens? Robert Frank? Joel Meyerowitz? Bruce Gilden? I just went out to shoot & I loved it.

3 years later, I went to see my uncle whom I knew was in business, but didn’t know that one of his agencies was a main importer/dealership for Nikon & Olympus! So I bought an Olympus OM1 md with a 50mm f1.4 lens! Happy Days.

& I went on for years just shooting with one body and one lens. I’m delighted to report that I still have the camera in full working order.

Nowadays, we shoot on mobile phones and change cameras as often as our underpants.

Very early on in the “Domain Era” I registered streetphotography.co.uk and after about 7 years of chasing and chasing, I eventually managed to also acquire The Bigger Brother .COM which I’m now in the process of developing to be The Source of Inspiration, Exposure & Education from and by the BEST in The Genre.

The “Street Photography” as I knew it, now smells funny. it has changed and diluted. But more of that in my blog section.

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Street Photography

Street Photography

On a Non Personal Note, I wish everyone much success and achievements along the way & remember, you might be rich and famous, or on your way to become rich and famous, BUT Mind THAT step along the way & don’t become an asshole too!