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  • Yes! Monkey Business!

  • I just saw this image in a photography magazine. Let me firstly say that this is not my image. The image is taken by a photographer called Nick Simpson and it's an advert for a March 2011, photography exhibition called Focus on Imaging. The strap line reads that we (referring to humans and monke [...]
  • Risk Management! (Street Photography)

  • I'm not sure why I took this image but it was memorizing! Last week after having dinner with a memorable friend in NYC, I took a two-mile walk back to my hotel on 44th (where else, right in the heart of it!), as I was passing through "Times Square" bamboozled by all the Neon, I see this giant mo [...]
  • Is This an Invitation?!

  • How often do you see this? Its like... Helllllooo!!! I'm out in a store walking the aisle and there is this guy who has just bent over right in front of me, ostensibly looking or rummaging through a box of who knows what, displaying the crack of his BUM ( AKA Builders Bum in England!) and I thin [...]
  • The Winter Sun! No Street Photography!

  • I'm not a still life photographer, but sometimes you just can't help it!! You see it and you have to memorize it in your mind and camera! Also, it's not a bad idea to email it to those that you may want to send some flowers to! Not as good as sending real flowers but sometimes, it's the thought [...]