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  • Money, is never the price

  • I once did him a favour which he never ever forgot... So we became indebted to one another. He came to see me a while back on W 44th St. It was freezing. Cohiba as usual and we talked some details.... We always think of you he said.... And as usual he ended by saying: If it's straight in your he [...]
  • 99%

  • On a rainy night, The Oracle said, it's the wrong match!!! I was convinced 100% she was wrong. So I made the journey.... Stood there knocking on the door, springs, summers, autumns & winters.... For 12 years. I was convinced. Eventually.... The door opened & I..... Had the wrong house!!! [...]
  • Is he Really James Bond? 007?!!

  • Well... Here is another on in my Louis Vuitton Rant Series! It's not actually a Rant at Luis Vuitton but at Mr. Bond! I mean, again, I understand and can get with the Brand Association Correlation but come one! Does anyone really rushes out or indeed is influenced to buy some Luis Vuitton by seein [...]
  • Risk Management! (Street Photography)

  • I'm not sure why I took this image but it was memorizing! Last week after having dinner with a memorable friend in NYC, I took a two-mile walk back to my hotel on 44th (where else, right in the heart of it!), as I was passing through "Times Square" bamboozled by all the Neon, I see this giant mo [...]