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  • The Genuine Article

  • Louis Mendez has been taking Street portraits with a Speed Graphic since the 60's and when I met him, with a polaroid Back & a Metz. I had the Good fortune to have had a chat with him and Whilst I was with him, a passing young man in his 20's stopped next to us and asked Louis if he wan [...]
  • They Call Me Mr. Moses

  • I eventually decided to approach him & followed him for two blocks. I never call from behind & so I went ahead and walked towards him & unsure of his reaction , asked if I could take his picture !! I thought he must be a NYC visitor from India!!! He replied: 5 bucks!!! Surprise [...]
  • Freedom...

  • Once you have accepted the consequential Terms & Conditions of your own decisions and arrived at a point on the horizon to Pull the Trigger, then You might as well do a good job & Fire it Twice!! ......... Freedom from Self.