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  • Revelation

  • :: Despair Non My Dear For Even At The Deepest, There Is Always Hope & Know That It Will Pass, Hard As It Feels. :: Whoever has ears, let them hear. (Revelation 13:9 BOOKS) :: No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. (Luke 6:43 NIV) :: :: & That's Th [...]
  • #Pray

  • If I Was A Composer, I'd Compose About It. :: If I Was A Poet, I'd Write A Poem About It. :: If I Was A Writer, I Could Be Eloquent About It. :: If I Was A Painter, I Could Illustrate It. :: If I Was An Animal, I could Be A Bull In A China Shop, About It. :: Instead, I Just Listen & [...]
  • Dusted

  • Dusted Memory Cell Lost in The Exposed Haze of Recall Screaming Rotational Sweet Blossoms Subconsciously Morphing into The Conscious.... & Without a Decibel of Sound........ :: :: Oh My Darling Oh My Darling Oh My Darling Clementine........