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  • Living On The Margin

  • Last week, in the latest issue of the British Journal Of Photography I read that the Times Magazine has set a new £100 record FEE ( I think that's what they called it) for image processing paid to photographers. This has given me a great excuse to write to TESCO. you might have heard in the news rec [...]
  • Image Democracy

  • A slightly edited version of this was published in the BJP on 16.5.07 :Letters: Oh this new-fangled terminology!I'm feeling somewhat inferior, and so do a few other photographer friends! We feel that perhaps we are not intelligent or intellectual enough to participate in the current and now global i [...]
  • TV Licence

  • I was so Gutted to hear that the TV licence went up this week!!! really upset!!! not because I objected to the rise, but because I couldn't enjoy participating in rise of yet another living expense! you see, I threw my TV away about 7 years ago & have lived without one since. So when i heard t [...]