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  • I was in Hamburg last November & I stayed in a city centre hotel. In the afternoon when I left the hotel & onto the main road right in the heart of the city, I immediately noticed a man sitting by the exit/entrance, begging for money. This man continually made a sort of howling sounds to att [...]
  • What I read in reverse order!Last weekend, i read an article written by Germaine Greer about her experience with Diane Arbus. first of all & for obvious reasons,i was delighted to read that she refered to Arbus as a street Photographer.I think the article was either in the weekend Guardian magaz [...]
  • Last weekend was the second time that I read about Diane Arbus. This was an article published in the Saturday Telegraph magazine to promote the forthcoming Diane Arbus Photography exhibition, "Revelations" at the Victoria And Albert Museum. Several pages & very well written I thought. The term S [...]
  • What is Street Photography!? well, I cant explain it any better than this at: which is a link I recently came across from one of my links with Alan Wilson ( see links at )But what I have come to realize is that Street [...]