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  • Portrait of The Thief

  • The portrait of the thief who sweet talked the way in to steal the Golden Bird. The Gold was no more than an illusion to a Foolish Gold digger. The Bird, was no more than an illusion of Freedom. The Thief, angry, confused and in Limbo, fled the scene. Leaving the REAL Treasure behin [...]
  • Brothel

  • Welcome back! Where is this? Your mind. Where exactly? Section 9, level one one nine, 7th Dimension, Exit Gate. What year? No more years. Where to next ? The Living Brothel. The Living Brothel? That's the Only path. Why? But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by hi [...]
  • Builder's Bum - Street-Photography

  • How often do you see this? I’m out in a store walking the aisle and there is this guy who has just bent over right in front of me, ostensibly looking or rummaging through a box of who knows what, and displaying the crack!!! ( AKA Builders Bum in England!) and I think: Is this Guy Serious! Do th [...]