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  • Is This an Invitation?!

  • How often do you see this? Its like... Helllllooo!!! I'm out in a store walking the aisle and there is this guy who has just bent over right in front of me, ostensibly looking or rummaging through a box of who knows what, displaying the crack of his BUM ( AKA Builders Bum in England!) and I thin [...]
  • Veteran's Day Street Photography

  • I was in Boston, MA recently and had to kill a few hours before my flight back home. I actually dislike immensely to use the term "KILL" for passing time as Time "IS" precious!  (I also Hate to use the word Hate) Unless you absolutely have to! I realized that It was the Veterans Day, so armed an [...]
  • The People I meet on the Street

  • So I'm in Boston, had cause to visit Borders on Washington, and I hear someone say: Oy Vay...... Same ol same ol... I look to my left and I see this man walking alongside. For those who may not know, Oy Vay is a lovely Jewish expression that probably translates to OMG inflicted with an element of su [...]