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  • Extra Hand

  • Despite Many Many Heated Arguments And Unconvincing Discussions about Behavioural Patterns And Desires, Marshall Was Irreversibly Convinced That, He Needed An Extra Hand For Finding The Ultimate Woman Of His Life!!!
  • #Pray

  • If I Was A Composer, I'd Compose About It. :: If I Was A Poet, I'd Write A Poem About It. :: If I Was A Writer, I Could Be Eloquent About It. :: If I Was A Painter, I Could Illustrate It. :: If I Was An Animal, I could Be A Bull In A China Shop, About It. :: Instead, I Just Listen & [...]
  • Salvation

  • Love inflicted time Killing Gaze of the distant landscape unplugged from the past panchromatic domains projectile over an ostensible Dead End which upon venture, presents The Salvation Gate. johnny mobashet