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  • Extra Hand

  • Despite Many Many Heated Arguments And Unconvincing Discussions about Behavioural Patterns And Desires, Marshall Was Irreversibly Convinced That, He Needed An Extra Hand For Finding The Ultimate Woman Of His Life!!!
  • Illusions

  • :: :: Lecturers Wear Designer Shirts. Programmers'n Hackers In White T-Shirts. :: Bankers In No Tie Attire Coolness. Priests In Jeans No Non Fool-ness. :: Salesmen Wear Alluring Smiles. Wives Glowing Diamond Fumes. Mistresses On 69 Perfumes. Mannequins Seduce, On The, Golden Miles. [...]

  • Ex Banker, Crude Oil Company Executive, Robber and Crook, Now looking for International like minded professionals To Joint "Vulture" 6.9 Billion Dollars of innocent Tax payers money, Extorted from various Morally corrupt but Gov Neutral schemes. All schemes considered including; funding revoluti [...]
  • NO #LSD

  • A Psychedelic Trip Ain't No Need No LSD No Mo! Know How? Know One? No One? :: :: & For All The Past & Present Brooklyn & Manhattan Artists Who Speak Through The Walls. :: :: 7Th Street & 4Th Ave

  • .... AND FOR WHAT PURPOSE WAS THE TWO LEGGED PRETENTIOUS DEVIOUS DEMON BEHAVING BEING WITH A ROARING BEAST INSIDE WAS CREATED!!! .. .. .. .. the lion, which is mightiest among beasts and does not turn back before any; (Proverbs 30:30 ESV) :: johnny Mobasher

  • AND ALAS, FOR THE SENTIMENTAL, THE CORRELATION AND EQUILIBRIUM BETWEEN EXPECTATION AND DISAPPOINTMENT, MEANDERS WITH A SIGH.. .. .. .. .. (The desire of the righteous ends only in good; the expectation of the wicked in wrath. (Proverbs 11:23 ESV)

  • SET A LITTLE FIRE TO YOUR OWN DNA ONCE IN A WHILE & ENJOY A PARADIGM SHIFT........ Throw some seeds, I said my darling, it's shocking, appalling & that's all I can say to you.....