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  • #Halloween Fireworks Party!

  • Days After The Halloween Ultra-Tequila Fireworks Party, Marshall Eventually Woke Up & Whilst Sipping On His Alka-Seltzer, We Encouraged Him To Find The Owner Of His FIREWORKS & Offer His Profuse Apologies!!........ Dang!! :: ::
  • New Political Party Gives Hope!!

  • Back in 2013, It Was Obvious To Everyone, That Newly Formed Upper Middle Right Of The Under Left Over Centre Transgender RepubloCrats Political Party AKA "The Pink Martinis" Would Eventually Bring Equilibrium To The World Economy With Their Politically Motivated Sing Along Line Dancing Songs!!! [...]
  • Little Home

  • Marshall Eventually Found A Suitable Residential Dwelling! On The Main Road Between The 2nd & 3rd Step!!! Granted, it's Small & No Windows, But It's South Facing, Has A Beautiful Front Wild Garden & It's A Place He Calls Home!!...& He Waits For His Love. :: :: Mustn't Be Ungra [...]
  • NO #LSD

  • A Psychedelic Trip Ain't No Need No LSD No Mo! Know How? Know One? No One? :: :: & For All The Past & Present Brooklyn & Manhattan Artists Who Speak Through The Walls. :: :: 7Th Street & 4Th Ave