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  • Obsession & Photography & Being

  • A Parabolic Portrait Of A Challenging Internal Over-Riding Obsession Which Once In Motion, Defies All Love, Reason & Mercy..... & So Aptly Recited: :: :: IF I SPEAK AT ONE CONSTANT VOLUME AT ONE CONSTANT PITCH AT ONE CONSTANT RHYTHM RIGHT INTO YOUR EAR, YOU STILL WON'T HEAR You still [...]
  • I've Got The #Blues

  • http://youtu.be/gTadBsJfhIA This is a little Music Movie performance by Mark O'Harps Street Player. We came across one another during a short stay in San Francisco. We went for a walk on Haight Street, Where the San Fran Hippie Movement was colourful during the 60's. The Street maintains a vibe tha [...]
  • Music

  • From the creators of the famous HardPunk Ear Busters, introducing the new Hard Core Triple Quadrophonic Mind Blasters with integrated external blood oxygenating Transfusion pipe system for that real ambient resonating mind altering sound.
  • Is this Brand Association or What!!

  • Ali and Bono! I really don't know who Ali is! But Bono!! The global Anti Poverty campaigner! The Rock'n'Roll hero to some (possibly now turned off!), the international Brand that he is himself!! Does he really need to be a luggage salesman too!! Does he need the money? Or a perpetual desire to remai [...]