Risk Management! (Street Photography)

"Street Photography" "NYC" "NY" "Times Square"

"Risk Management"

I’m not sure why I took this image but it was memorizing! Last week after having dinner with a memorable friend in NYC, I took a two-mile walk back to my hotel on 44th (where else, right in the heart of it!), as I was passing through “Times Square” bamboozled by all the Neon, I see this giant moving message advert ( I think Lehman Brothers used to be on the same spot!) by a major bank bombarding lights about “Money” “Success” “Growth” “Security” and “Risk Management”. I must admit, it was hypnotizing just seeing the lights and the moving messages in such a large-scale as with everything else in “Times Square”. This is NOT “Street Photography” but for some reason I took it. The message that most appealed to me was “Risk Management” and all I could think about, (standing there in sub-zero temp) was the Global economical crash and how we all took a dive and the shame of the fact that not ALL the people who caused it, are now paying for it! but YOU AND I ARE! So, I moved on thinking about “Risk Management”. this past sunday, Jan 16th 2011, I read in the “Sunday Times” newspaper….Quote: “Barclays will be the first British bank to reveal its hand with results on February 15. It is expected to pay about £2.5 in Bonuses. analysts believe HSBC will pay about £3 Billion in salary, benefits and bonuses to its investment bankers.” Unquote!

So then I remember this picture and I get it!! At last I understand! My “Risk Management” Hypnosis experience in Times Square! “Banking” ! I get it…. it’s all to do with Managing the Risk against the Pockets of the investment bankers! nothing to do with the public! or in fact, everything to do with the public! the adverts is about…. Whatever happens in the financial world, who ever looses money or not, They can manage the Risk so that NOTHING affects the Pockets of the bankers!!  That’s “Risk Management” for you. No Risk to us Bank Managers! Sorry no “Street Photography” but that’s how it goes. Time for my double dose of “Pepto-Bismol”


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