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  • Ex Banker, Crude Oil Company Executive, Robber and Crook, Now looking for International like minded professionals To Joint "Vulture" 6.9 Billion Dollars of innocent Tax payers money, Extorted from various Morally corrupt but Gov Neutral schemes. All schemes considered including; funding revoluti [...]
  • The REAL Thief

  • I sat by the lake on a cold sunny day staring at the reflection of the clear blue sky above and a few white clouds and for a few seconds, saw it clearly. The Real THIEF is The One who selfishly robs a child out of childhood, family unity, a parent or just simple considerations of the innocen [...]
  • Portrait of The Thief

  • The portrait of the thief who sweet talked the way in to steal the Golden Bird. The Gold was no more than an illusion to a Foolish Gold digger. The Bird, was no more than an illusion of Freedom. The Thief, angry, confused and in Limbo, fled the scene. Leaving the REAL Treasure behin [...]