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  • F8

  • & Way back, printed guidelines on the inside of the old Kodak Film boxes, was to set your camera at F8 @ 125 for good sunny day results, etc etc. .. Over Exposed it's bleached out & Under Exposed, nothing much comes in. .. It's a bit like a Human Heart & Soul really! .. Differe [...]
  • Holidays From Hell

  • That's right folks, live from Holidays From Hell, we bring you this, not to be missed & once in a life time opportunity to give the Least favourite person(s) in your life & especially all the Fakes that surround you a very special One Way ticket to our most popular & memorable holida [...]
  • 20:59:12

  • Will you have Tea with me? Will you come back & see me? Will you eat with me? Will you sleep with me? Will you stay with me? Will you walk in the Garden with me? Will you Dance with me? Will you Pray with me? Will you stand with me? Will Breath with me? Will you say Goodbye with me? Will you [...]
  • Kiss Me

  • She pulled up like thunder.... Kicked the door open and said.... At last....Hop in....!! Is this another Tequila ride? Hell no, she said, Just a cruise, you've been away for too long.... The Last time we went for a cruise, we both woke up in a hospital, I said!! She leant forward a [...]