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  • ATTENTION ATTENTION: This Is The Last Boarding Call For Passengers Yin & Yang To Board United Skyways Flight 911 To Bermuda Triangle. LAST CALL THE GATE WILL CLOSE IN 42.5 Seconds!!! :: :: Luck If Often Disguised!! :: :: بدبختى رو زود تشخيص ميديم ولى بعضى وقتها اگاه خوشبختى خودموم نيست [...]
  • Its 11.15pm on the 14th Floor

  • I'm in my 14th Floor Hotel Room in Boston, MA. Luckily for me, my room's windows actually open a few inches, which is one of the reasons I chose this hotel. Fresh Air if you acquire my drift. It's cold out. I look up as I gaze through the evening and I see people still working on the 15th Floor offi [...]