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  • Where were You!

  • ...& Gradually, Marshall came into focus and said: Most people are out for no more that 11 minutes! Where the hell have you been for 2.5 Hours!? To The last, Smallest Massive corner of my mind, I said.
  • Home

  • After driving around to nowhere in particular as a destination, I questioned: Did I really need a car to find where I'm looking for!!? Luckily my Tequila bottle didn't break!
  • Veteran's Day Street Photography

  • I was in Boston, MA recently and had to kill a few hours before my flight back home. I actually dislike immensely to use the term "KILL" for passing time as Time "IS" precious!  (I also Hate to use the word Hate) Unless you absolutely have to! I realized that It was the Veterans Day, so armed an [...]