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  • Has Keith Richards lost his mind?

  • Today, I see A Louis Vuitton luggage advert in the NY Times featuring Mr. Keith Richards. I think to myself, does he need the money? Does he need the attention? Is he doing Vuitton a favour? Way back in the 60's when he was younger and wilder, even he, would have been horrified at any predictions th [...]
  • Fashion Street Photography, Music Wear,

  • Music Wear, originally uploaded by Johnny Mobasher Street Photography.T shirt by: Red T pussy wear $922. Shades by Blind Alley Mother wear $1000. 5Ct white Diamond encrusted Red wristband by Twang Twang Twang Aka 3T $18,000. hair style by Mirror Mirror On The Wall $2500 including drying. Electric Gu [...]