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  • 1975

  • Eventually, after 160 years, I arrived, I think, in the 1950's Fell asleep in 2000 Woke up in 2012 And it was 1975 Johnny Mobasher
  • The REAL Thief

  • I sat by the lake on a cold sunny day staring at the reflection of the clear blue sky above and a few white clouds and for a few seconds, saw it clearly. The Real THIEF is The One who selfishly robs a child out of childhood, family unity, a parent or just simple considerations of the innocen [...]
  • Red Roses

  • A Gift For, the grief stricken heartless. The ostensibly awake who remains unconscious. The frozen hearted soul who refuses to be prayed for. The Russian roulette player with a gun loaded with delusions of righteousness. The life consuming rage monger. The memories that kept you awake but must [...]