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  • Little Home

  • Marshall Eventually Found A Suitable Residential Dwelling! On The Main Road Between The 2nd & 3rd Step!!! Granted, it's Small & No Windows, But It's South Facing, Has A Beautiful Front Wild Garden & It's A Place He Calls Home!!...& He Waits For His Love. :: :: Mustn't Be Ungra [...]
  • Mind Dust

  • & At Dawn. The uniform sound of dry long sweeps of the autumn leaves charged the crisp thin air. Had been doing it for a 1000 years. Dislodging and moving the resting leaves off the pebbles without touching a single pebble. Mesmerising meditating swings of a time pendulum that slowed time [...]
  • 20:59:12

  • Will you have Tea with me? Will you come back & see me? Will you eat with me? Will you sleep with me? Will you stay with me? Will you walk in the Garden with me? Will you Dance with me? Will you Pray with me? Will you stand with me? Will Breath with me? Will you say Goodbye with me? Will you [...]
  • Where were You!

  • ...& Gradually, Marshall came into focus and said: Most people are out for no more that 11 minutes! Where the hell have you been for 2.5 Hours!? To The last, Smallest Massive corner of my mind, I said.