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  • Mercy

  • He is believed to have last been seen waking, near St. David Cemetery, Firing a 12 Gauge & Howling, Let Only The Lord Have Mercy..... He was never seen or found again.... But those who know him well.... Are waiting... :: The car was abandoned on Route 80 Between Benson & Tombstone, AZ [...]
  • You Crazy son of a bitch

  • We'd spoken BUT No one had actually talked for over a 1000 Miles! Marshall gradually steered The Suped-Up GTO right over the centre line of the road and at 110 mph he asked: So, Tell me once more.... which side of the road you're on again?........ Oh..... You Crazy Son of a Bitch...... street [...]
  • The Curves

  • & I marvelled at her curvaceous body which was just electric to feel. Smooth lines. Feels not too small, not too large but large enough. Firm. Vintage. Chic. Highly desirable. fast when it's needed and slow with grace. Care for her & you will be cared for. Adored & loved by many [...]
  • Flip at 125mph

  • Marshall & I were still restless. Hadn't recovered from the trauma of the day before. We left the Motel at 3.12am. Marshall took the wheel & tuned into a Grateful Dead 24 Hr Radio Station. His Favourite. Lucy stretched out on the back seat. It was getting light. Abo [...]