You Crazy son of a bitch


We’d spoken BUT No one had actually talked for over a 1000 Miles! Marshall gradually steered The Suped-Up GTO right over the centre line of the road and at 110 mph he asked: So, Tell me once more…. which side of the road you’re on again?…….. Oh….. You Crazy Son of a Bitch……

street photography



  1. by Louella on June 19, 2013  11:52 am Reply

    Very NICE!!.. Any classic enthusiast with half a clue would be drooling right now.. Beautiful!

  2. by Johnny Mobasher on March 28, 2015  10:10 am Reply

    All You Fools & Link Builders for the Brands such as Kors, Louboutin, Coach, Rayban, etc etc.... Has any of your Links appreared here? ALL DELETED!! Enjoy!! This is a Street Photography Site!

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