Yes! Monkey Business!

I just saw this image in a photography magazine. Let me firstly say that this is not my image. The image is taken by a photographer called Nick Simpson and it’s an advert for a March 2011, photography exhibition called Focus on Imaging. The strap line reads that we (referring to humans and monkeys), share 98.5% of our DNA and all the passion!! Well, that may well be true.

It’s a Funny advert.

But why a Monkey Holing a Camera (Canon). What it immediately made me think of was the Digital Invasion!! You know, some called it the Digital Era (the Obvious choice), the New Age (Futuristic Star Trek fans), Image Democracy (a popular phrase used by would be closet Jazz Lovers who work in the photographic industry) etc etc, but I called it the Digital Invasion!! Sure, no arguments from me that it revolutionised ” Photography” as a whole!! Millions and billions who’d never buy a single roll of film, were introduced to the most easiest ways to take am image using their phones or newly arrived cameras and print them at home!! If even rejuvenated the Camera supply industry, it promised professionals “Cheapness” (Not true!), Family Savings for the “Family” (True!), and in addition it also revolutionised Journalism (but dropped prices and some quality) The Porn industry and other relevant imagery areas. And good luck!! I recently exchange emails with a reasonably successful photographer who said; Film!!? And revealed that he has never shot a Roll of Film!!! And good luck to him too.

Photography became globally popular than ever before! Fantastic.

So, I look at this advert and the message it gives me is this;

Now, Even Monkeys Can take a Picture!!! & why not!!

What does it tell you!!??

After all, why not, it’s only Rock’n’Roll

Shoot away!


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