WTF is this and WTF buys it!?

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WTF is this and WTF buys it!?, originally uploaded by Johnny Mobasher Street Photography.

So I was in NYC and walking along 32nd street and I see this!!? & I think… how funny but What the hell! I mean… WTF! Whatever happned to the mother and baby bonding? doesnt the baby need to feel mothers warmth, hear her heart beat! dont you want to hold the baby close to you and coochi coo her/him!? what Going on! Nex will be an Auto-Baby-Bottle!? Like, a Voice Recognision device that upon the baby crying, extends a warm milk bottle with a set of instructions how to suck!! Or how about an Auto Diaper changer that every 3 hours, changes the Diaper!! Auto PooPoo cleaner! I dont know… what the hell is this world comming to!! Time for my Pepto-Bismol!


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