The People I meet on the Street

So I’m in Boston, had cause to visit Borders on Washington, and I hear someone say: Oy Vay…… Same ol same ol… I look to my left and I see this man walking alongside. For those who may not know, Oy Vay is a lovely Jewish expression that probably translates to OMG inflicted with an element of surprise!!! ( I have lived and heard and learnt this, Already!!) Same old same old thing!! This wad his reaction to people flicking though magazines, browsing.
We immediately get talking, jokes, politics, economy, business opportunities, marriage, divorce, money, Israel, palestinians, our own COA’s ( certificates of origin ), Fashion ( he boater that the $500 Jacket he was wearing was bought at Filene’s for Much less, and I won’t mention how much) and Jackie Mason whom I said he reminds me off ( by which time my daughter who lives in FL rejoins us with a CD in her hand) and we’re already taking about nice husbands!!! Jackie Mason he cried!!! Nahhhh he said! I don’t like him!! He’s jokes are too much!! Too Jewish I asked!! I don’t know he replied…..too much!! He was a rabbi did you know!!! Yes I said. In fact I met in in NYC and tool his picture! And what’s your name, I asked?? Oiving!!! OiVing i said!! If ain’t that a give away he laughed!!! It’s spelt I R V I N G! Godda go. My 10 minute friend! The people I meet on the street!!


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