Teach Them Young Right!!? Street Photography Tokyo

Street Photography
Teach Them Young!! Street Photography


I saw this boy playing with a Colt45 on the Streets of Tokyo. Now that I think about it, here in the west, you see less and less young boys  playingwith Guns!! Has it changed in the Far east or the Middle East! I think, or rather, I sence that We don’t and avoid teaching boys to play with Toy Guns! It’s not sophisticated anymore! It’s really bad! Toy Shops don’t sell Guns anymore incase a Highacker buys one! it’s So Politically incorrect to give Young boys a Gun for a present these days. But, worry NOT! we have the solution! We leave it to the Computer Games Designers and Giant Game Companies to design Games that boys can learn how to shoot the Police, Assasinate Heads States, become Gangsters, Participate in Wars, Blow Up buildings, Rob Banks, Sell Drugs, Steal Cars, Gas prisoners and all the various methods of stealing, killing and getting away with it, all from the comfort of your own living room AND we pay huge amounts of regular money for new games teaching them new techniques! makes you wonder if it was better when boys played with Toy Guns in the Streets and squirted water on one another! Time for my Pepto-Bismol! “Street Photography” refuse to Die!


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