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  • If it's meant to be, it's meant to be

  • The Present Day Portrait of Friendliness And Fait on Cooper Square, NYC. :: :: Cost: Declining The First Request of " Give Me Your Fucking Money " And Loosing My Wallet in a Store 15 Minutes Later!! :: :: Reward: Finding My Wallet An Hour Later in A Panic & Returning to Cooper Square t [...]
  • Lost & Found

  • When Devil stole The Preacher's tongue, The Preacher stole the Innocent's Soul and The Soulless, was Lost, and Lost was Found, and Found tied The Devil's Tongue... Street Photography
  • They Call Me Mr. Moses

  • I eventually decided to approach him & followed him for two blocks. I never call from behind & so I went ahead and walked towards him & unsure of his reaction , asked if I could take his picture !! I thought he must be a NYC visitor from India!!! He replied: 5 bucks!!! Surprise [...]
  • Risk Management! (Street Photography)

  • I'm not sure why I took this image but it was memorizing! Last week after having dinner with a memorable friend in NYC, I took a two-mile walk back to my hotel on 44th (where else, right in the heart of it!), as I was passing through "Times Square" bamboozled by all the Neon, I see this giant mo [...]