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  • Where Am I!

  • He lifted his head up, opened his eyes, Time went by... and asked: Where Am I? I just looked at him. He said... is this really..... Am I hallucinating? is this really.......................... We waited. I then said, There is no food here but you'll never be hungry. There is no water here but [...]
  • The Winter Sun! No Street Photography!

  • I'm not a still life photographer, but sometimes you just can't help it!! You see it and you have to memorize it in your mind and camera! Also, it's not a bad idea to email it to those that you may want to send some flowers to! Not as good as sending real flowers but sometimes, it's the thought [...]
  • Veteran's Day Street Photography

  • I was in Boston, MA recently and had to kill a few hours before my flight back home. I actually dislike immensely to use the term "KILL" for passing time as Time "IS" precious!  (I also Hate to use the word Hate) Unless you absolutely have to! I realized that It was the Veterans Day, so armed an [...]
  • The People I meet on the Street

  • So I'm in Boston, had cause to visit Borders on Washington, and I hear someone say: Oy Vay...... Same ol same ol... I look to my left and I see this man walking alongside. For those who may not know, Oy Vay is a lovely Jewish expression that probably translates to OMG inflicted with an element of su [...]