She Took me to the Roof Top…. Street Photography

"Street Photography"

Roof Top Street Photography

After a while, she took me to the roof top and asked: You Wanna go for a fly? Sure, I said! and before you know it, we were up and around. it reminded me of 5th Element! Blade Runner! She is a great pilot, I thought to myself…. & Always amazing. She looked at me and said: I’m glad you came to town…great to see you again. Oh Likewise I said. wouldn’t miss it for the world. We go back a long way don’t we! She smiled and gave me a Wink! I then said: But I see you still drink Fucking Tequila out of a bottle whilst flying? She roared in laughter which made me laugh too! and She just TURNED IT UP……

You Know you feel it,

You know you really feel it,

So give it up,

Ah Coz you dig it,

Feel the funk in your butt,

Get off your butt and jam sucker,

Dance sucker,

This aint no soul jam,

Funky to the bone,

So if you’re lonely,

Just dance alone,

We aint got time for suckers,

So clap your hands MotherFucker….


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