No Change


Sitting In A Tiny Doorway, In A Very Narrow Alleyway Connecting Two Very Bustling Shopping Streets, Sheltering From The Pouring Rain As We Passed Through, Noticed But Didn’t Stop. On Our Way Back, Still Pouring Down, I Stopped Right At The Front And Shot Silently. No Movement. Left Some Money On The Almost Disintegrating Cardboard And Continued To Walk Away But, Looked Back As He Slowly Lifted His Head Up And We Made Eye Contact With Only One Eye Visible Through The Under-Hood Darkness And Nodded As I Reciprocated And We Continued….. She’d Been Silently Observing And Asked: How Much Did You Give Him? Two Pounds I Replied….. How Much Change Should He Have Given Me Back, I Asked? She Looked Bemused!… Nothing I said!!! I Didn’t Buy Anything…… We Continued In The Pouring Rain……
Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. (Luke 12:2 ESV)
تا عوارض جانبى ثانوى



  1. by therobbrizzell on February 14, 2014  6:54 pm Reply

    Really striking picture and story. They painted a nice visual narrative together.

      • by therobbrizzell on February 14, 2014  6:57 pm Reply

        The pleasure was all mine. I love black and white pictures.

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