I’ve Got The #Blues

This is a little Music Movie performance by Mark O’Harps Street Player. We came across one another during a short stay in San Francisco. We went for a walk on Haight Street, Where the San Fran Hippie Movement was colourful during the 60’s. The Street maintains a vibe that is reminiscent of the bygone days. It was a warm autumn’s sunny day. After a few seconds of conversation, Mark asked if I had a video camera (On my Camera) and of course I did. He then asked if I could film him performing his song and of course I said Yes Sure!….. and here it is. Its Nothing Fancy with no Fancy Edit but, we did it and liked it. I have posted two copies of the DVD to Mark which I hope he received in one piece. I also told him that I would post it on YouTube which I have. And that’s it really. The sound of a Blues Harp is close to my own Heart though I can only Make Noises!!! Thank you Mark and may God Bless you and be with you, wherever you are.


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