Is this Brand Association or What!!

Ali and Bono! I really don’t know who Ali is! But Bono!! The global Anti Poverty campaigner! The Rock’n’Roll hero to some (possibly now turned off!), the international Brand that he is himself!! Does he really need to be a luggage salesman too!! Does he need the money? Or a perpetual desire to remain in the public eye!! Or is he doing Vuitton a favour!! Or is it Brand Association!! These Luis Vuitton creatives ( most of which don’t look real photographs [ well done the ReToucher]), with the famous, are killing me!! Most of the fans would be horrified I’m sure!! But who cares!! At the meantime, you’ll have to excuse me…. I have a grand urge to run out, buy a set of Vuitton Luggage, the entire U2 back catalogue and a box of Pepto-Bismol!

As seen in the FT magazine Nov 6th 2010


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