Is This Art!


My sincere Congratulations and deepest sympathy to the Financial Times Editor to be the first in the publishing history to print the crappiest portrait of her Majesty on the front cover today. And similarly my most sincere good luck wished to the one who drew it, Tracey Emin, for getting away with it. The drawing has a statement from The person who drew it stating: “I wanted the image to be strong and sexy and strident”. I’d like to ask anyone who is not blind and under the age of 427 as to which part of the image is Strong and Sexy!! As to strident defined as “conspicuously and offensively loud” in the English language, it might well be.
Lastly, commiserations to the Editor if indeed he was the one who commissioned it, to have been faced with a critical dilemma once he saw it, or perhaps he just thought: it’s Only Aaaaaaaart Daaaaaaaaaarling!!
If I was in her Majesty’s shoes, as a gesture of good will, I’d deport both culprits to the photocopying room of the best art college in Congo!!

Time for my Pepto Bismol.

Nothing personal of course.

Johnny Mobasher

Street Photography


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