Is This a Library!!?

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Is This a Library!?

I took this is a Borders Branch in USA! Borders, used to have branches in UK and all closed. I also hear (From the banter between customers and staff in USA branches) that business aint great in USA either. So, you visit borders and all you see are people who are browsing, browsing and browsing! People take a pile of books, park themselves with a coffee in the coffee shop, or in one of the many arm chairs that the company provides encourages browsers to use, or as a last resort, they just sit on the floor. Most people, do not even have the decency to return the books that they browse after they finish! so , effectively, everything is becoming “USED CONDITION”!! I think the idea was to give people a chance to read a little and decide which to buy but now… it’s just a replacement for a park bench with the added advantage that you don’t get wet, can read the magazines, read books, and then dump it! No wonder business is BAAAAD! if you look at this picture, The armchair in the front row at first looks vacant! but, OH NO, they guy has left his shoes, books and coat in the armchair whist probably using the rest room! NO ONE IS TAKING MY PLACE HERE!!! I really feel sorry for this, once great, business!!


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