Is he Really James Bond? 007?!!

"street photography"

"James Bond" "street photography"

Well… Here is another on in my Louis Vuitton Rant Series! It’s not actually a Rant at Luis Vuitton but at Mr. Bond! I mean, again, I understand and can get with the Brand Association Correlation but come one! Does anyone really rushes out or indeed is influenced to buy some Luis Vuitton by seeing Mr. Sean Connery sitting on some imaginary and digitally put together beach looking all cool!? I mean, whoever comes up with this idea and says: I know, Lets put a bunch of celebrities in front of our luggage and we’ll sell millions! Did you rush out and buy one!? But more importantly, who sells this idea to Mr. Connery? like… Sean, I know you don’t really need the money son, but You are the Genuine James Bond? THE original? fancy posing for Luis Vuitton Luggage? really enhance your 007 history? Stay in the limelight?? how about it Sean? & obviously Mr. Connery ( & I Pray he doesn’t need the money) went for it! Many be he is casting for a new role: Jane Bond 006.5 !! Ahhh man… Time for my Pepto-Bismol again!!


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