Lecturers Wear Designer Shirts.
Programmers’n Hackers In White T-Shirts.
Bankers In No Tie Attire Coolness.
Priests In Jeans No Non Fool-ness.
Salesmen Wear Alluring Smiles.
Wives Glowing Diamond Fumes.
Mistresses On 69 Perfumes.
Mannequins Seduce, On The, Golden Miles.
Politicians Wear Savile Row Suits.
Homeless A Dog’n & Gives No Hoot.
& The Artists……They Swear & Swear & Swear…..
The Deaf Isn’t Blind,
& The Blind Isn’t Deaf,
The Dumb Isn’t Dumb,
It’s All In The Mind.

همين است كه همين است كه همين است


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