Has Keith Richards lost his mind?

Today, I see A Louis Vuitton luggage advert in the NY Times featuring Mr. Keith Richards. I think to myself, does he need the money? Does he need the attention? Is he doing Vuitton a favour? Way back in the 60’s when he was younger and wilder, even he, would have been horrified at any predictions that in 2010 he will be holding his guitar , sitting on the edge of a hotel bed, looking at nothing in particular, skulls and a magnifying glass ( not a good sign), selling Luggage!! Who the hell talked him into this? I soon arrived at the conclusion that it’s not for the money. It COULD be for the attention but he has “Certainly” lost his mind!!! 99.9% of his or the Rolling Stones fans are probably horrified! Luckily, I’m only a fan of photography!! I can’t get no satisfaction!


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