From #Che #guevara series! did he ever think he’d end up on #Tobacco boxes!!?? #Revolution

"Che guevara" "street Photography"

#Che #guevara #Tobacco Box! 

& So today I see another one…. a New one! the image of Che Guevara on a Tobacco Box! I have seen it on all sorts of places. Matches, T shirts ( lots of those), bags, lighters, hats, games you name it…. always a source of curiosity when I see it! Again, I asked if the man who owned the box knew, who and what Che was!?

Not Quite! what is most interesting that nowadays, people feel they really need to know who he was or what he did! All they need to know is that “IT” ( The MAnge) or the use of it somehow, makes them different!! ANTI! its like people in the 70’s started to use Apple computers largely as a social statement!! ( now we know people who use Apple computers are inflicted with complicated minds and thought processes & Thanks God iPhone is NOT like the computers) Still… this is the new Che image.. my Latest…  Only if Che Guevara Knew! time for another dose of Pepto-bismol!



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