Fido and Groucho Marx “Street Photography”


"Street Photography"

Fido and "Street Photography"


A few days ago,  We went to Borders on Boylston Street, Boston to buy a magazine and as I waited for my friends by the exit doors, I said HELLO to Fido, standing there all by himself. A few minutes later, his owner arrived with a couple of books, a cup of coffee, untied Fido and sat in an arm chair just by the exit doors. The man sat down, put his coffee and one of the books on the floor to his left, kept one book in his hand and made himself comfortable in the. During this time, Fido sat in front of him, WATCHING him. He opened one book and made a tiny strip of space on the Arm Chair and tapped it as a message for Fido to sit next to him.

Fido Did NOT respond!!

He did it again and Fido didn’t respond again.

He then, softly grabbed Fido by his collar and tried lifting him up with ONE hand on to the arm chair.

Fido, Pulled Back with his Bottom firmly glued to the floor!

The man looked puzzled and looked around and I think he noticed that I was watching them!

He then, put the other book down. Gently Lifted Fido with his two hands and placed him nicely on his lap!

Fido Settled!!

If you want to browse, read a book, have a coffee, can I be conformable too please! (Fido thought to himself!).

The man then, picked up the book again and started to read it, which reminded me of something that Groucho Marx once said:

“Outside a dog, a book, is man’s best friend. Inside a Dog….. it’s too dark to read!!”

Here fido, fido….




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  2. by Thomas on February 20, 2011  9:58 am Reply

    These little Welsh Terriers are really stubborn and know what they want. Funny to read, thanks for sharing!

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