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  • Dominus Vobiscum

  • Rise Through The Demonic Drowning Surface And Reflect, Victoriously On Your Way Home, Follow The Light, Oh Lord, You're Home, On The Creaking Sound Of The Rocking Chair, Cool In The Blazing Heat Of The Reckoning, Almighty Trusted, Follow The Signs, Follow The Light, Dissolving Blindfolds, For T [...]
  • Extra Hand

  • Despite Many Many Heated Arguments And Unconvincing Discussions about Behavioural Patterns And Desires, Marshall Was Irreversibly Convinced That, He Needed An Extra Hand For Finding The Ultimate Woman Of His Life!!!
  • Destiny

  • There is no story to tell about her Beauty. I must have been out cold for a few years somewhere near the tracks, having jumped off this Cognitive Cargo train, Luckily some distance away from Tombstone. Just opened my eyes and she just was there. There is no story to tell about her Beauty! :: [...]