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  • Dominus Vobiscum

  • Rise Through The Demonic Drowning Surface And Reflect, Victoriously On Your Way Home, Follow The Light, Oh Lord, You're Home, On The Creaking Sound Of The Rocking Chair, Cool In The Blazing Heat Of The Reckoning, Almighty Trusted, Follow The Signs, Follow The Light, Dissolving Blindfolds, For T [...]
  • If it's meant to be, it's meant to be

  • The Present Day Portrait of Friendliness And Fait on Cooper Square, NYC. :: :: Cost: Declining The First Request of " Give Me Your Fucking Money " And Loosing My Wallet in a Store 15 Minutes Later!! :: :: Reward: Finding My Wallet An Hour Later in A Panic & Returning to Cooper Square t [...]
  • Yes! Monkey Business!

  • I just saw this image in a photography magazine. Let me firstly say that this is not my image. The image is taken by a photographer called Nick Simpson and it's an advert for a March 2011, photography exhibition called Focus on Imaging. The strap line reads that we (referring to humans and monke [...]
  • Is he Really James Bond? 007?!!

  • Well... Here is another on in my Louis Vuitton Rant Series! It's not actually a Rant at Luis Vuitton but at Mr. Bond! I mean, again, I understand and can get with the Brand Association Correlation but come one! Does anyone really rushes out or indeed is influenced to buy some Luis Vuitton by seein [...]