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  • 3 Types of "Street Photography"

  • How can anyone re-think "Street Photography" ? well, I have been looking at so many "Street Photography" and So Called "Street Photography" images both through my Flickr group and also in preparation and research for my new .COM launch in a few weeks time that I have come to a realisation of what ex [...]
  • Hello Darling

  • :: :: You Look Familiar! Do You Come Here Often?? Oh No! I Don't Say This To All The Girls At All! :: They Make Fabulous Margaritas Here, Can I Buy You A Couple Of Drink?? No No, I'm Not Trying To Get You Drunk!! :: You Smell Wonderful, What's Your Perfume?? Oh No, I wasn't Trying To [...]
  • Mercy

  • He is believed to have last been seen waking, near St. David Cemetery, Firing a 12 Gauge & Howling, Let Only The Lord Have Mercy..... He was never seen or found again.... But those who know him well.... Are waiting... :: The car was abandoned on Route 80 Between Benson & Tombstone, AZ [...]
  • Lost & Found

  • When Devil stole The Preacher's tongue, The Preacher stole the Innocent's Soul and The Soulless, was Lost, and Lost was Found, and Found tied The Devil's Tongue... Street Photography