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  • AND ALAS, FOR THE SENTIMENTAL, THE CORRELATION AND EQUILIBRIUM BETWEEN EXPECTATION AND DISAPPOINTMENT, MEANDERS WITH A SIGH.. .. .. .. .. (The desire of the righteous ends only in good; the expectation of the wicked in wrath. (Proverbs 11:23 ESV)
  • Lucy

  • I'd like to introduce the Love of my life, Lucy! She's adorable. Lucy's has lots of admirable, unparalleled qualities and a solid character. Beautiful eyes. Lucy is loyal, faithful, caring, loving and best of all , she'd patient and the ultimate listener with a pure heart. Always in a [...]
  • Kiss Me

  • She pulled up like thunder.... Kicked the door open and said.... At last....Hop in....!! Is this another Tequila ride? Hell no, she said, Just a cruise, you've been away for too long.... The Last time we went for a cruise, we both woke up in a hospital, I said!! She leant forward a [...]