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  • New Political Party Gives Hope!!

  • Back in 2013, It Was Obvious To Everyone, That Newly Formed Upper Middle Right Of The Under Left Over Centre Transgender RepubloCrats Political Party AKA "The Pink Martinis" Would Eventually Bring Equilibrium To The World Economy With Their Politically Motivated Sing Along Line Dancing Songs!!! [...]
  • Money

  • My latest business venture is printing money. It's great fun. Last night, I was merrily doing my groceries and singing...... New car, caviar, four star daydream, Think I'll buy me a football team.... & when I handed my Money over to pay for my groceries, the Lady gave me a strange look & [...]
  • Red Roses

  • A Gift For, the grief stricken heartless. The ostensibly awake who remains unconscious. The frozen hearted soul who refuses to be prayed for. The Russian roulette player with a gun loaded with delusions of righteousness. The life consuming rage monger. The memories that kept you awake but must [...]
  • Money, is never the price

  • I once did him a favour which he never ever forgot... So we became indebted to one another. He came to see me a while back on W 44th St. It was freezing. Cohiba as usual and we talked some details.... We always think of you he said.... And as usual he ended by saying: If it's straight in your he [...]