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  • Public Wedding

  • After breakfast, I went for a walk around the grounds of my hotel, Marlowe, and I saw this young couple getting married on the grounds. A public wedding. A beautiful sunny day, not too hot and not too cold, 16C, perfect. I took this picture just as the Rabbi pronounced then man & wife, mar [...]
  • Yesterday of Everyday

  • Another hotel room... Sat on the edge of the bed with a Low-Fi low volume Short Wave station by the phone... 4 days later a knock on the door and the voice said... Dude.... Checkout was yesterday....
  • Music

  • From the creators of the famous HardPunk Ear Busters, introducing the new Hard Core Triple Quadrophonic Mind Blasters with integrated external blood oxygenating Transfusion pipe system for that real ambient resonating mind altering sound.