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  • Brothel

  • Welcome back! Where is this? Your mind. Where exactly? Section 9, level one one nine, 7th Dimension, Exit Gate. What year? No more years. Where to next ? The Living Brothel. The Living Brothel? That's the Only path. Why? But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by hi [...]
  • The #Public gets Screwed either way!

  • This Graph (and the article ) was published in the Sunday Times, the Source: The Energy Shop . Com It demonstrates that even at the lowest wholesale price points in 2009 & and 2010 how the members of the public were charges the highest fuel prices!! Bearing in mind that we have been and are in [...]
  • Yes! Monkey Business!

  • I just saw this image in a photography magazine. Let me firstly say that this is not my image. The image is taken by a photographer called Nick Simpson and it's an advert for a March 2011, photography exhibition called Focus on Imaging. The strap line reads that we (referring to humans and monke [...]
  • Is this Brand Association or What!!

  • Ali and Bono! I really don't know who Ali is! But Bono!! The global Anti Poverty campaigner! The Rock'n'Roll hero to some (possibly now turned off!), the international Brand that he is himself!! Does he really need to be a luggage salesman too!! Does he need the money? Or a perpetual desire to remai [...]