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  • 99%

  • On a rainy night, The Oracle said, it's the wrong match!!! I was convinced 100% she was wrong. So I made the journey.... Stood there knocking on the door, springs, summers, autumns & winters.... For 12 years. I was convinced. Eventually.... The door opened & I..... Had the wrong house!!! [...]
  • Is he Really James Bond? 007?!!

  • Well... Here is another on in my Louis Vuitton Rant Series! It's not actually a Rant at Luis Vuitton but at Mr. Bond! I mean, again, I understand and can get with the Brand Association Correlation but come one! Does anyone really rushes out or indeed is influenced to buy some Luis Vuitton by seein [...]
  • Is This an Invitation?!

  • How often do you see this? Its like... Helllllooo!!! I'm out in a store walking the aisle and there is this guy who has just bent over right in front of me, ostensibly looking or rummaging through a box of who knows what, displaying the crack of his BUM ( AKA Builders Bum in England!) and I thin [...]