Builder’s Bum – Street-Photography


How often do you see this? I’m out in a store walking the aisle and there is this guy who has just bent over right in front of me, ostensibly looking or rummaging through a box of who knows what, and displaying the crack!!! ( AKA Builders Bum in England!) and I think: Is this Guy Serious! Do these guys really, I mean really don’t know that their shirts are NOT tucked into their pants!? Do they really don’t FEEL the draft! Do they not know what their inside leg measurements are when they buy a pair of pants! Do they really think its COOL and fashionable to display their Bum Crack!! May be they think they are 18 years old and its a MUST DO Coolness!! Is it a Silent message to encourage other men!! Is it sexy!!? Nope!! I think its 100% an Invitation to a little Street Photography!! Don’t get me wrong, nothing personal & I’m sure they do a great job but…… Thanks a bunch man! and now,
Time for my Pepto-Bismol!

Maybe, this is Male Cleavage!!!

Johnny Mobasher

Street Photography


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